Establishment  studies of forensic laboratory had  started in 21 December 1987 with the approval of Gendarmerie General Commander. The aim was to use all technological possibilities during the execution of Gendarmerie's legal duties: scientifically examine and evaluate crime and evidence to increase the activity of gendarmerie in legal duties. These studies were the base for the establishment of present structure. 

 Equipment and materials needed for laboratory were determined and the qualified personnel needed for laboratory was provided. After providing these requirements and completing the training activities, forensic laboratory (composed of six laboratories: finger print, document, explosives, ballistics, chemistry and biology) was established in Anıttepe gendarmerie facilities in Ankara in 10 April 1993. After the establishment of audio and video examination laboratory in 1994, present structure of laboratory was obtained.  In 2005, Gendarmerie Forensic Department was moved to a new building in Lieutenant General Ismail Selen facilities.  

Regional Forensic Laboratories in Van (1994), Aydin (2005) and İstanbul (2014) were established to widespread the forensic activities.