European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI) is a network established, upon the idea of standardizing forensic activities from the crime scenes to the courts, enhancing education level of forensic laboratory personnel in accordance with developing science andtechnology and providing knowledge transfer and experience sharing between different laboratories of Europe by holding regular meetings.

   ENFSI, being not an organization having liabilities in accordance with international laws, was established by leading forensic laboratory directors of European countries on 20th of October 1995. ENFSI activities are carried out in accordance with ENFSI constitution.

   ENFSI has members from non European Union countries whose technical capacity and intellectual level of laboratory personnel are in line with EU counterparts along with members coming from EU countries.

   Gendarmerie Forensic Department (JKDB) applied for ENFSI membership with permission of Gendarmerie General Command and approval of Ministry of Interior. Membership of JKDB was accepted by majority of votes at ENFSI Annual Meeting held in Lisbon, Portugal on May 1998. After then in 2000 Istanbul University of Forensic Medicine Institute (ATE), in 2002 Forensic Police Laboratory of Turkish National Police (KPL) and in 2005 Forensic Medicine Institute (ATK) became ENFSI members from Turkey.

   ENFSI fulfills it’s activities by means of General Assembly which is constituted by directors of member laboratories; by ENFSI board which carries out ENFSI duties on behalf of General Assembly; by 17 expert working groups which perform scientific meetings and workshops and by regular and temporary committees made up for specific purposes to assist ENFSI Board.  

   ENFSI General Assembly consists of 64 laboratory directors. Every year, General Assembly hold a regular annual meeting in one of member countries to evaluate annual ENFSI activities and expert working groups activities, to discuss the eligibility statute of laboratories which have applied for membership, to decide on strategic issues and to select new Board Members in case the terms of one or more Board Members end.

   ENFSI Board consists of 5 members: A chairman and a chairman designate elected for two years along with 3 members elected for 3 years.

   Establishment decision of committees and expert working groups are at ENFSI Board's disposal. Each expert working group holds a business meeting in every year to provide knowledge transfer, to exchange experience on quality assurance issues, to present scientific works related to their expert field and to discuss latest technological improvements on their spesific forensic branch.